Estrogen remains the most effectual communicating for relief of troublesome menopausal hot flashes and nighttime sweats. It crapper also affluence vaginal symptoms of menopause, much as dryness, itching, pain and hurt with intercourse.

Long-term endocrine therapy for the hindrance of postmenopausal conditions is no soul routinely recommended. But women who decide steroid for short-term backup of menopausal symptoms may gain any endorsement against the pursuing conditions:

Osteoporosis: Studies demo that secretion therapy buoy prevent the ivory red that occurs after menopause, which decreases the venture of osteoporosis-related informed fractures.

Colo rectal cancer: Studies show that hormone replacement therapy can decrease the risk of colorectal cancer.

Heart disease: few assemblage show that estrogen crapper change probability of pump disease when confiscated young in your postmenopausal years. A randomized, disciplined clinical tribulation — the Kronos former estrogen Prevention learn (KEEPS) — exploring estrogen influence and mettle disease in junior postmenopausal women is low way, but it won’t be completed for individual years.