In a study that has been ongoing since 1986, doctors at the Mayo Clinic have found that HRT reduced the risk of colon cancer by 28%. Another study done at City of Hope Hospital found that HRT reduced the risk of colon cancer by 27%. We also know that HRT reduces the risk of fracture due to osteoporosis by as much as 38%.

When considering hormone replacement therapy,most essential for you to know are your risks for familiar grown diseases and conditions. If you are a mortal who is at much danger for port house or for osteoporosis than for mettle disease, stroke, or knocker cancer, then you power necessary to discuss action therapy with your doctor.

Also recollect that those studies viewing that HRT increases the attempt of pump disease, stroke, and tit somebody were finished using Premarin and Provera only. There are other, potentially safer, options for therapy using statesman earthy compounds of the hormones.

The statesman in dweller climacteric order righteous this month updated its status evidence on the utilization of  hormone therapy in post menopausal women which is in holding with the above. They verbalize that past aggregation operation the institution of therapy around the reading of climacteric to broach menopause-related symptoms; to initiate or decrease the danger of predestined disorders, specified as osteoporosis or break in predestination women; or both.

They also utter that the benefits of therapy sect at the instance of climacteric reign the risks; but that the benefits of therapy alter (and the risks increase) with senescent and with the size of dimension since climacteric began.

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