Miracle  3LAB Super ‘h’ Serum cream, which has taken more than 10 years to develop and approve, is said to be the first to contain synthetic HGH human growth hormone , which the manufacturer claims can slow or even reverse signs of aging such as wrinkles and skin pigmentation. The protein-like substance occurs naturally in the body but 60-year-old have half as much HGH as 20-year-old.

As people age, going old the HGH Hormone levels can lead to excess body fat, a lack of lean muscle tissue and wrinkle-prone skin.

A spokeswoman for 3LAB said they put an earlier version of the product in Oscars’ goody bags last year and A-list celebrities were “fighting over it”. Fans of the cream are said to include Dame Helen Mirren and Jennifer Lopez.

Currently, it’s not just stars and rich people who want this serum, its ordinary men and women too who are fed up with buying products that simply do not work,” the spokeswoman said.

The lotion comes in a gold pot and contains another 12 anti-aging ingredients in very high concentrations, such as fish oils and vitamin C.

Some studies found HGH injected into the bloodstream could make an older person look 10 to 20 years younger.

Several studies have celebrated its virtues as a weapon in the fight against the signs of aging, but it has not been approved in Britain as an hgh anti aging therapy because its long term effect on health has not been evaluated. Nonetheless, it has been passed for use as a cream.