The male sex hormone does increase the speed with which cancer cells can reproduce and grow into a tumor. For this reason men who are taking testosterone supplements should have prostate cancer screening on a regular basis.

Testosterone Hormone is like fuel on fire for prostate cancer. If you give someone with early prostate cancer testosterone, it explodes”.Postrate cancer treating by reducing testosterone

Hormone growth therapy is normally used to treat cancer of the prostate by dropping testosterone, which is an androgen hormone. Primarily most cancers will be treated by reducing androgen levels, but when cancer of the prostate develops considerably, chemicals may be injected to stop testosterone production altogether.

While hormone therapy can be a helpful treatment for prostate cancer, testosterone is crucial in the male body, and preventing its production can cause many side effects. The penalty of hormone therapy can include:

•    Weight gain
•    Development of breasts
•    Loss of sex drive
•    Loss of muscle density
•     Excessive fatigue

•    These side effects can be reversed once you are rid of the cancer and prostate testosterone can be produced once more.

Testosterone is essential to keep the prostate healthy, even though it can speed up the growth of cancer. Prostate testosterone is converted into Dihydo testosterone by the enzyme 5-alpha reductive before it is used to aid prostate growth.