Despite this reality, a lot of people decide to go for testosterone supplements, especially those who are above the age of thirty years. Recent studies have proven that testosterone supplements can be very advantageous to our body. These supplements help a person to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a syndrome in which the brain is characterized by plaques that occur due to the formation of b-amyloid peptides. In fact they help both men and women to keep their body fit as the level of testosterone hormone decreases in men after a certain age and in women after the stage of menopause.testosterone levels for women

It is true, high levels of the so-called male hormone are not healthy for a woman, but unnaturally high levels are rare. Levels high enough to cause the effects women fear can usually only be accomplish through injection or some other unnaturally means of increasing testosterone.

First of all let’s look at the benefits of testosterone. Testosterone gives us (both males and females) drive and strength of mind .It fuels our feelings of inspiration, boldness and sense of power. It increases our sense of well being, enhances our sex drive and gives us the ability to take risks. It gives zip and zest to our lives. It gives us personality.

In addition to improving our mood and our ability to deal with stress, testosterone has powerful anti-aging effects. It keeps our skin supple, increases fat burning, muscle development and bone density.

Low levels of this powerful hormone are connected with heart disease, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis (loss of bone density) and depression. A common symptom of low testosterone in women is they feel like they are freezing cold most of the time.

Testosterone is not too much to women to enjoy the benefits of increased pleasant appearance; a better figure; increased energy; a better outlook on life and zeal for living; and clearer thinking. Not to mention enhanced sex appeal and greater interest in and enjoyment of sex.

At the age of 12th the testosterone levels is very high in the women, Then over time continues to decrease. By the time she reaches natural menopause, she may have only half the amount she had at her peak. This decrease is made even worse by the use of oral contraceptives during her fertile years. Oral contraceptives interfere with all sex hormone production (testosterone, estrogen and progesterone).

In view of the fact that the Women’s Health plan study exposed many health risks related with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), women have genuine concerns about using any kind of supplemental hormones. And if she does decide to use supplemental estrogen, she will be disappointed with its failure to increase her muscle tone, clear her thinking and boost her sex drive. Just some of the things that testosterone has been shown to improve.