Low testosterone level and low testosterone symptoms are related to hormone levels in the woman’s body. The testosterone production is very low in the woman that is about 10% as compare to a man produce. Mostly women produce testosterone ovaries and the adrenal glands.

The testosterone and some other important hormones, Estrogen and Progesterone are going to reduce when the women going old gradually. When the testosterone level is decrease In the women body then they experience some low testosterone symptoms like the most famous symptom being low libido. However, low testosterone in women can also contribute to depression and osteoporosis.Testosterone Level in women And Low Testosterone Symptoms

However, Dr. Lee observes that testosterone production depends on adequate progesterone levels in the body. In the healthy human body, progesterone converts into another form of progesterone, which converts into androstenedione from which testosterone is made. If progesterone levels are too low — common today with women in their 30’s and older — low testosterone in women may be the result.

For low testosterone women, Dr. Lee recommends first using natural progesterone cream supplementation for at least six months, using dosages in the same amounts as what the body would normally produce. Dr. Lee found that natural progesterone supplementation often solved the problem of low testosterone women and low libido.

Whereas low testosterone level in women is one problem, excessive testosterone hormone can also cause problems. Dr. Lee describes what often happens as women approach menopause and ovarian function slows. Women often show symptoms of becoming androgen dominant, and testosterone supplements may only make this condition worse. Symptoms of androgen dominance in women include male pattern baldness and facial hair growth.

Additionally, an overload of estrogen in the woman’s body can result in the occurrence of these same two symptoms. Approval of testosterone from the body is related to the healthy balance of estrogen and progesterone levels. Too much estrogen slows down the clearance of testosterone, while progesterone enhances testosterone clearance. By staying in the body longer than necessary, testosterone may produce the androgenic characteristics described above. Dr. Lee found that supplementation with natural progesterone cream tended to reverse the androgen dominant characteristics.