Hormone replacement therapy often referred to, as HRT or Postmenopausal hormone, the truth is, and for most women it is still the best option available to them to lighten some of the symptoms of menopause. Hot flashes and vaginal dryness are two symptoms which plague many women and can literally drive some insane.
Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy

Yes the risks are there for women pain conditions such as heart disease and for those with a history of breast cancer and quite rightly they should be seeking alternative methods of treatment but what about those who have a clean bill of health; should they completely send away HRT as a course of treatment.

Deciding to go the menopause hormone replacement therapy route has become a confusing decision for many women today simply because there are so many changeable opinions on its safety.
Yes, certain studies have concluded in certain instances it’s not suitable but does this mean it should be completely unseen as a treatment option by every woman who is either going through or having experienced menopause?

Has the publicity surrounding the risks connected with menopause hormone replacement therapy gone a little too far? Or more to the point have many women become afraid of even going down that route because of the documented risks?
Who is in the best position to offer advice?

Believe it or not your doctor is in most cases pretty well trained to pass on advice about menopausal matters. When it comes to deciding what course of treatment you should consider you would be intelligent in search of medical counsel before going off on an unplanned perception of some report you have read or on the mis-guided advice of a friend.

I’m not saying whichever would be wrong but remember this, menopause affects different women in different ways and no two cases will be identical. What works for one may be totally unsuitable for another.
Too many women are suffering in silence dealing with menopausal symptoms and don’t have to. Your doctor should be your first point of contact. Even if menopause hormone replacement therapy is not appropriate for you, you won’t know waiting you get expert advice.

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