Pain is a necessary part of life. It alerts us when something is wrong with our bodies. It’s normal to experience pain with an illness or injury. Normally, this pain fades as the injury heals or the sickness goes away. This is referred to as acute pain. Pain becomes chronic when it continues after the healing time of the injury. This pain can hang on for months or even years and often causes depression if you don’t get proper Pain Relief Medication.massage of the lower back

Massage is one of the best methods to cope with chronic pain suggested by Pain Management Florida. How massage affects your pain is partly dependent on its source. If your pain is caused by a muscle injury massage can not only help ease the pain but also help speed the healing process.

When the muscle is tightly contracted less blood can flow to the area causing the region to be starved of oxygen. The contracted muscle also holds in toxins. All this causes the region to experience more pain, thus causing the muscles to contract further. Massage can help loosen constricted muscles around an injured area, increase blood flow and help flush out toxins.

Some chronic pain occurs because a nerve becomes entrapped in a tight muscle. This type of pain presents as tingling, numbness or a burning sensation. Loosening the tight muscle releases the nerve and eases the pain. Massage lowers stress hormones caused by pain and raises the feel good hormone serotonin.

If you suffer from chronic pain then making massage therapy part of your Pain Relief treatment routine could help ease your pain and lessen your dependence on pain killing drugs. In the long run this will lead to less drug side effects and better health.