Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy is a plant-based method of naturally amendable hormones through the manipulation and exploitation of natural plant derivative compounds which act as hormonal regulators in human body.Herbal HRT for Menopause and Pre-Menopause

Natural alternatives to HRT have become popular largely in part to the discovery that synthetic HRT can actually cause danger to a woman’s health, and the hazards far are more important than any benefits. It was found that synthetic HRT may, in reality, increase the likelihood of the development of cancer, blood clots, stroke and heart attack.

The government also recently halted its hormone replacement therapy studies, making natural HRT an even more attractive and safer alternative to conservative HRT.

One woman suffering menopause symptoms too intolerable to live with anxiety, hot flashes, moodiness, sleeplessness, and more, twisted to an integrative medicine practitioner for a bio-identical natural hormone replacement therapy medicine.

The over 50 year’s woman now says it has made a “enormous difference” in the harshness and presence of her worst menopause symptoms.

Bio identical hormones, or plant derived hormone-like compounds, are popular HRT alternatives now, according to the North American Menopause Society, in addition to healthy diets, exercise, vitamins and calcium supplements.

Research has shown that soy is flavones function similarly to HRT without the risks related with the contentious treatment. Soy is flavones, especially in mixture with other known menopause remedies like black cohosh, have been shown to ease exhaustion, anxiety, hot flashes and night sweats, and they actually offer other health benefits as well. These additional health benefits are osteoporosis prevention and added bone health, lower LDL (bad cholesterol), and lower risk of blood clots and heart attack.