A research shows that the average woman will live 30% of her life in the post-menopausal stages. This is a large section of a person’s life, especially to live with the diseases many women experience after, throughout and proceeding to menopause due to the natural decrease of female hormones (estrogen) and subsequent increase of male hormones (androgen).Natural Hormone Replacement for Women

The hormonal imbalance cause a lot of horrible and sometimes downright unbearable side effects such as irritability, hot flashes, insomnia, nervousness, lack of focus and memory loss, unusual hair growth, and several other unpleasant situation.

Natural hormone replacement is an outstanding choice for many women experiencing hormonal imbalance. What is natural hormone replacement? Natural hormone replacement, or bio identical hormone therapy, is usually a combination of plant-derived substances which have natural hormone balancing and estrogenic properties.

Is Natural Hormone Replacement Effective?


Many women have had excellent results with natural hormone therapy – as long as they’ve chosen a quality product with the right blend and fresh evaluation of ingredients. There are a lot of watered down, unproductive products out there in this field as their attractiveness increases, so buyer be careful.

A precise compound that is in fact harvested from the soy bean, that when refined correctly and in pure form, has overall beneficial and hormone equalizing effects in the female body. Black cohosh is another hormonally therapeutic botanical (herb) which has been used for centuries by herbalists, naturopaths and holistic doctors as a natural hormone replacement remedy for women in menopause or with hormonally related conditions.

Medically administered HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) has been treated with growing wariness and uncertainty due to findings in 2003 that it can have serious health-damaging and even life-intimidating side effects including increased risk of hit and heart attack between others, leading women to seek out healthy alternatives to conventional hormone replacement therapy.