The Miracle of Bio equal Hormones is about more than just estrogen. Dr. Platt’s very well liked (and safest) hormone for men, women and young children (yes, men and children) is natural progesterone. It’s an astonishing hormone, which conventionally taught physicians appear to understand small about because they have been taught to use imitation hormone replacement therapy.

Many years, medical practitioners have prescribed synthetic progesterone and artificial estrogen drawn from horses’ urine and now we are dwelling with an outbreak of breast and other cancers.

Using genuine persevering past notes, Dr. Platt interprets how he delicacies widespread wellbeing matters for example PMS, fibromyalgia, ADD in young children and mature individuals, morbid fatness and more – with natural hormones and particularly formulated nutritional supplements.

Some of Dr. Platt’s answers to widespread difficulties are not customary, but they work. For demonstration, if a woman has urinary incontinence he advises testosterone therapy and a workout routine. He states the difficulty will clear up in one week if the persevering pursues his guidelines. And who would believe that progesterone could therapy a migraine headache? But Dr. Platt makes it take place. His achievement in healing ADD in young children and mature individuals with progesterone is amazing.

Established incontinence remedy utilizes pharmaceuticals that don’t therapy – they only ease diseases. And they are many more exorbitant and side-effect ridden than Dr. Platt’s solution. Conventional remedy of migraine headaches means utilizing powerful pharmaceuticals with nasty edge consequences, and they don’t habitually work. Children identified with ADD or ADHD are dosed with powerful pharmaceuticals that are brain and character anesthetizing.