March 2010

The use of HGH for enhancing the hormone levels in body especially in sportsmen got highlighted in early 90s. The main purpose behind its usage was to raise the performance level. The physician who advised HGH to sportsmen including the celebrity golfer Tiger Woods is facing the charges in front of concerned departments. The physician named Galea supports his prescription and disclosed that he has been consuming HGH for more than ten years and have seen how magically it works.

Despite the benefits that Galea is mentioning in his statements, it is concluded by many more physicians and experts that HGH can also harm the body. Galea had many athletes following his foot steps but what an be done if the high authorities that are responsible for checking the sportsmen in using energy booster medicines before the game have put a  ban over HGH usage.

World Anti Doping Agency has banned HGH in sports and it’s illegal to use such supplements.

The bright side of this whole scene is the positive result of HGH in treating the kids’ hormone deficiency and hampered growth, Aids patients and those with muscle loss.

The dark aspect of HGH intake lies in its worse effects that expand over heart failures, diabetes, arthritis, skin problems and head pains. The extra dosage of HGH is more severe in its bad effects leading to over growth of bones in various body organs.

The bright side of this whole scene is the positive result of HGH in treating the kids’ hormone deficiency and hampered growth, Aids patients and those with muscle loss.

The magic of HGH consumption to boost the HGH level in body can be seen in many ways like

  • Lowering the body fats
  • Building the muscular mass
  • Improving the vitality and energy level
  • Making the bones massive

The process of action of HGH involves the enhanced secretion of IGF that is insulin like growth factor present in liver. This hormone becomes part of blood and circulates throughout body while stimulating the growth of various body parts and enhancing the performance level. That’s the way HGH works in our bodies.


Human Growth Hormone has been utilized for years as a legitimate health remedy for certain development hormone insufficiencies in kids it have furthermore been utilized by experimentation to assist persons with other diseases. The period HGH, or human development hormone, is a very widespread title granted to development hormone and is usually glimpsed in trading crusades for anti aging HGH and alike products.

Benefits of HGH

In latest years, persons have asserted that human development hormone can therapy a multitude of infections from its’ initial reason to help young children that were deficient in the hormone to augment commonly to slowing down the aging method, to numerous things in between. Anti aging HGH can be glimpsed on multiple kinds of websites encompassing wellbeing sites to dietetic supplement sites. Numerous of these sites register the advantages of HGH therapy to encompass heaviness decrease, reducing of cholesterol, and turning around the consequences of aging.

The advantages of anti aging HGH can be discovered on numerous sites online; although the study backing up these advantages is conceived from occasionally dubious methodology and is full of unreciprocated questions. Possibly the most significant inquiry that continues unreturned on numerous sites dedicated to this treatment is considering the likely hazards of this therapy.

Dangers of HGH

The described edge consequences of anti aging HGH encompass a boost in body-fluid force, fluid keeping; carpal burrows set of symptoms, insulin opposition, diabetes, and junction pain. Numerous anti aging HGH sites even note numerous of these likely edge effects. While anti aging HGH appears to have some advantages, buyers should be wary to study the genuine degree of the advantages and weigh that against the promise edge effects.

The only investigations of the long-term usage of HGH have been in young children utilizing the hormone into adulthood. In these situations, bigger figures of colon cancerous infection and Hodgkin’s disease were well-known.