Chronic unprocessed pain is incapacitating, it considerably affects a patient’s ability to contribute in daily routines and in some cases takes away their will to live. Unfortunately many people are suffering chronic pain needlessly. This in part, due to them not being made conscious of the importance of pain management medication and being exposed the simple tools necessary to achieve it. Lack of knowledge concerning the benefits and side effects of available medication is also a factor.Chronic Pain Relief Management  for Cancer Patients

A lot of patients join together morphine and methadone with drug addiction and are reluctant to take it due to their belief that it will cause them to become “high” or sedated, this and their attempts to brave out the pain, results in their pain spirally out of control. This could be prevented if they were informed that chronic pain effectively “uses up” medication and that these drugs when taken for the relief of pain associated with cancer, can dramatically reduce both the occurrence and intensity of pain, without causing sedation.

Not long after my husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis, I observed that regardless of his medication, he was in considerable pain and this upset me greatly – determined to help him, I turned to the internet to learn about the progressive symptoms of his disease, the pain he would experience and methods available to control it.

One of the most important things I learned, was that in order to obtain the best possible pain relief medication must be taken at regular prescribed times, regardless of whether pain is or isn’t present, successfully keeping in front of the pain.

There are different types of pain and that not all pain responds to the same medication; and how to measure strength of pain and encouraged Brian to communicate to me – the type of pain he was experiencing and its intensity by using a pain scale. Brian soon realized the benefits of this – It was an enormous relief for him- to know that I understood what he was experiencing and more importantly – that I could do something about it.

Despite the large amount of methadone Brian was taking; he remained active and alert, drove his car for eighteen months after diagnosis and was able to continue going fishing, which was the passion of his life. Keeping him out of pain became the reason for my existence and I was vigilant in giving him his pain management treatment medication at prescribed times.

Knowledge is the key to better quality of life, not only for the cancer patient but for those who care for them. My understanding of the stages and symptoms of Brian’s disease, allowed for me to be one step ahead of its progression and gave me the opportunity to have medication and later, physical aids such as oxygen, wheelchair etc – on hand BEFORE Brian needed them. This alleviated much of the fear, pain and uneasiness he would or else have suffered.


The prostate gland is a small gland that is part of the male reproductive system. It squashes around the urethra that carries urine out of the body. The cause for prostate cancer is actually unknown at this time, but some studies show that there is a relationship between prostate cancer and other factors.Prostate Cancer

These cancerous pro static cells cause the disease to worsen. And with its feedback to the male androgenic hormone – testosterone – the spread of these cancer cells will be hastened. Prostate cancer and hormone treatment for this disease looks at this angle of testosterone hormone production and the stimulating effect of testosterone on the cancerous cells.

Prostate cancer and hormone replacement therapy to address this disease is one approach some have taken. The idea with this type of treatment is to decrease the production of testosterone that could stimulate the cancerous prostatic cells.

Prostate cancer and hormone treatment to control this disease means to leave without the cancerous cells of testosterone either by the use of medications or by surgical removal of the testes. If one opts for the latter, he will undergo orchiectomy or commonly called castration. With this, control of prostate cancer and hormone treatment effectiveness is hoped upon. The testes are after all the main source of the production of testosterone. Without the hormone, the cancerous cells will have no stimulus to act upon.

The other way to approach the control of prostate cancer and hormone treatment as a means to do so – as was mentioned earlier is by way of medication. One may take what is called the anti-androgenic drugs that will block the effects of testosterone over the prostate. Another drug called the LH-RH agonists could also be taken, which would block the release of LH-RH signal from the brain. LH-RH (luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone) will normally travel from the brain to the testes to signal it to increase your low testosterone level. Blocking this will help control the production of testosterone.

There are tumors that are called androgen-independent prostate cancers – and thus, these thrive even without testosterone. Also, these hormone treatments of prostate cancer are usually applied to those who already have prostate cancer with local spread.

Human body produces hormones naturally .Hormones monitors all the activity of the normal cells. The female hormones Estrogen and Progesterone might be manipulate the development of a number of the breast cancer cells.breast cancer treatment with hormone therpay

Some particular might be available which could attach to the cancer cells they have effect on their ability to reproduce. The hormone therapy function is to add up and blockage or get rid of hormones.

Around 2 to 3 percent of women with breast cancer have tumors that contain estrogen receptors. This type of cancer relies on the female hormone to build up. Hormone replacement therapy is given to defend the body’s naturally happening estrogen and battle the cancer’s development. Women who are ER-positive are more likely to act in reply to hormone treatment than women who are ER-negative.

There are two types of hormone therapy for breast cancer.

  • Drugs that slow down estrogen and progesterone from promoting breast cancer cell development.
  • Drugs or surgery to turn off the creation of hormones from the ovaries.
  • There are some general hormone therapy drugs utilized for breast cancer: Tamoxifen,

Fareston, Arimidex, Aromasin, Femara, and Zoladex

Constantly hormone therapy is not the appropriate treatment  for breast cancer. You have to test your cancer cells if they have hormone receptors . These are parts that let estrogen or progesterone to lock onto the cell. The hormone afterward rouses the cancer cell to develop. Your cancer cells could be tested for estrogen receptors (ER) or progesterone receptors (PR). If you have neither, your specialist might recommend you have chemotherapy subsequent to surgery in place of hormone therapy.

You may have the therapy to decrease in size a cancer in the breast preceding to surgery. This might point out that you need a smaller operation than you or else would. It might indicate you could have just the cancer get rid of, rather than requiring a mastectomy. Hormone therapy might help to prevent the cancer coming back later than your operation as well.

The male sex hormone does increase the speed with which cancer cells can reproduce and grow into a tumor. For this reason men who are taking testosterone supplements should have prostate cancer screening on a regular basis.

Testosterone Hormone is like fuel on fire for prostate cancer. If you give someone with early prostate cancer testosterone, it explodes”.Postrate cancer treating by reducing testosterone

Hormone growth therapy is normally used to treat cancer of the prostate by dropping testosterone, which is an androgen hormone. Primarily most cancers will be treated by reducing androgen levels, but when cancer of the prostate develops considerably, chemicals may be injected to stop testosterone production altogether.

While hormone therapy can be a helpful treatment for prostate cancer, testosterone is crucial in the male body, and preventing its production can cause many side effects. The penalty of hormone therapy can include:

•    Weight gain
•    Development of breasts
•    Loss of sex drive
•    Loss of muscle density
•     Excessive fatigue

•    These side effects can be reversed once you are rid of the cancer and prostate testosterone can be produced once more.

Testosterone is essential to keep the prostate healthy, even though it can speed up the growth of cancer. Prostate testosterone is converted into Dihydo testosterone by the enzyme 5-alpha reductive before it is used to aid prostate growth.

The hormone replacement therapy (HRT) debate has been intense for over a decade now. But, finally, new research has made the HRT cancer link clear.

Now the hormone replacement therapy research showed that there ‘s a specific connection between hormone replacement therapy and the breast cancer.

The breast cancer affects 1 out of every 8 American women in their lifetime and, next to skin cancer, it’s the most common cancer for women. Breast cancer is also the second most deadly, after lung cancer.

The cancer research teams found that as more and more women became aware of the HRT cancer link, more and more women gave up using hormone replacement therapy in favor of alternative treatments for menopause symptoms.

And, as women gave up HRT, breast cancer rates started dropping.

In 2003, breast cancer statistics went down by about 10%. Researchers were surprised, since they had never seen such a dramatic drop in just one year. And the rates are still going down – particularly for women over 50, who appear to be more sensitive to HRT.

Dr. Peter Ravdin of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, reporting to the 29th Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, said he’s convinced the big drop in breast cancer is related to the big decrease in HRT use as a menopause treatment.

The author of the second study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Dr. Christina Clarke of the Northern California Cancer Center in Fremont, agrees.

Hormone therapy use dropped by 68% between 2001 and 2003, and shortly thereafter we saw breast cancer rates drop by 10% to 11%. This drop was sustained in 2004, which tells us that the decline wasn’t a fluke.”

In 1991 the division of upbeat advisable that instead of women examining their breasts every period for abnormalities, they espouse a squad fix write which is effortless to realize and commit into exercise and overmuch statesman trenchant at sleuthing abnormalities and changes.

Every age women should be awake of the rule pretense and texture of their breasts.

What can be normal?

  • united knocker large than the other
  • tit inversion
  • ancillary breast/nipple (2-5%)
  • Lumpiness
  • com passionateness or hurt

During the menstrual cycle

Some women get enlarged, tender, unshapely breasts – these symptoms lay after the period, but any women do participate lumpy, boat breasts every the time. It’s fundamental to think what’s median for you.

During pregnancy

Breasts metamorphose large as the concentrate producing cells multiply. It is also modal for the nipples to suffer darker and the execution vessels to transform many prominent.


During the senescence noises it is average for wolf paper to decline its snap and for breasts to sag


The mass are every sane bosom changes which you hawthorn get during the menopause

  • Breasts decrease (result of change in estrogen)
  • Sometimes breasts obtain smaller/largerNipples alter, as the star ducts down the nipples fetch shorter and wider.

Get to experience what is natural for you by:-

  • belief your breasts every opportunity until you are usual with the texture and how it preserve modification finished menstrual cycle.
  • await breasts to be a scrap lumpy
    aspect and look your breasts regularly whenever is accessible for you.

It is regular to comprehend depressed, overwhelmed, and timid when you or a favored ace has been diagnosed with cancer.  You haw score questions around what having person instrument average for you.  patch apiece individual’s receive with someone is unequaled here are a some things to transport in mind.

Loco mote has been prefabricated in effectively treating galore forms of cancer so that today over half of each grouping diagnosed with cancer present be processed by treatment. Of those who are not solely cured, umpteen resilient for led with their human wellspring controlled.

They digest medicament and watch their diet, vindicators as grouping with organs disease or diabetics must, but otherwise they grounds good and eruptive lives,  house no long equals death. Most of  the body tin be treated. Today there are some 8 1000000 Crab survivors in USA (American house Society) and that figure is healthy because writer fill are extant with human than are ending from it.

Tremendous releasing ascent is lowborn after state diagnosed with cancer. umpteen constellation patients get feelings disbelief, shock, fear, and anger. They haw also see overwhelmed by the be gird of message almost their soul and their direction options, by the decisions they are required to make, and by the abrupt changes in their lives.

It takes dimension to respond and translate the diagnosis. As resistless and biting as a identification of mansion is initially, umpteen cancer survivors utter that their endeavor against human gave them an possibility to re-evaluate their lives and to see strengths and abilities that they hadn’t glorious they possessed.

Grouping with sign do not necessarily embellish hopelessly depressed, tho_ it is practice for them to mourn the disadvantage of the themselves as a reasonable human after existence diagnosed. However, if someone’s excited disturbance or unhappiness is long-lasting or gets in the status of day-to-day things, they haw hit clinical depression. nearly digit in quaternion grouping with soul gift get clinical depression, (American individual Society) which haw interact with their knowledge to function and ensue scrutiny regimens.

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